The Apple Watch’s new ECG feature is already saving lives

A Reddit user identified as “edentel” posted his experience after receiving an alert on his Apple watch indicating he may have atrial fibrillation – afib for short – and decided to go to the doctor. The Doctor confirmed the Watch’s reading, saying “this probably saved you.”

Initially the user believed there was a glitch with the firmware, after repeated tests came up Afib, but trials with the user’s wife’s wrist came back with normal results. After trying the other wrist and the other side of the arm, the warnings continued to be provided when the user tried out the app in other ways.

The Redditor writes they went to Patient First, expecting to just go home after potentially wasting their doctor’s time. When asked what was wrong, “edentel” was embarrassed to say “Ok, so there’s a new watch feature…” before asking to check its results.

The comment was a “quick queue pass” for Patient First, apparently, with the user hooked up for testing. The doctor looked at the readings from the medical equipment, and suggested “You should buy Apple stock. This probably saved you.”

The doctor advised they had read about the ECG feature’s release the previous evening, and while they thought there would be an upswing of patients reacting to the messages, the doctor “didn’t expect it first thing this morning.”

The Apple Watch is first ECG device with FDA clearance for consumers (which is not the same as being FDA approved . It gives people access to important heart health data without having to see a doctor first.