Apple IDs locked for unknown reasons for some iPhone users

Some iPhone users have discovered their Apple ID has been locked on all of their Apple devices, preventing them from accessing stored data and related services, with the lockdowns occurring for seemingly unknown reasons.

Reports from users surfacing on Reddit and other social media platforms claim their iOS devices asked for the Apple ID password to be entered. After entering what is believed to be the correct password, in some cases a pop-up message advises the Apple ID is locked for “security reasons,” and that users have to verify their identity to unlock the account.

Access to the account can be restored by answering the security questions and entering a trusted phone number for validation. Users may also have to reset their passwords.

It is possible that some unscrupulous group is attempting to mass brute-force hack a lot of Apple IDs, causing this wave of password resets to happen all at once. It may also be a bug on Apple’s part.

It’s not clear how many people are affected, but complaints on social media indicate it is more widespread than a few spurious reports.