watchOS 5.1 update is bricking some Apple Watches

It appears the watchOS 5.1 update that was released this morning is causing problems for some Apple Watch owners. A small number of Apple Watch owners are reporting the update renders their device useless.

According to a handful of reports posted to social media outlets and forums like Reddit, Apple’s just released watchOS 5.1 software update “bricks” some Apple Watch hardware.

Customers who are affected are seeing their Apple Watches stuck at the Apple logo loading screen after initiating the watchOS 5.1 update.

The complications appear restricted to Apple Watch Series 4, though other Apple Watch models might also be affected.

Some users have said that Apple is going to be shipping out replacement watches for those who have been affected.

Not all customers who have an Apple Watch Series 4 have had problems installing the watchOS 5.1 update, but as a cautionary measure, it’s worthwhile to hold off downloading and installing the software until Apple pushes a fix.