GrayKey iPhone box reportedly no longer able to unlock iOS 12 devices

According to Forbes, corroborated by a police chief, iOS 12 almost totally patches the GreyKey box, effectively rendering them useless.

GrayKey boxes were generally exclusively marketed and sold to law enforcement agencies and police departments. These boxes assisted in gathering evidence previously left inaccessible behind the security pillars of Touch ID, Face ID and users’ passcodes. However, this failsafe is precisely where Grayshift found the iOS vulnerability it would capitalize on.

GrayKey used “brute forcing” techniques to guess passcodes and had found a way to get around Apple’s protections preventing such repeat guesses. But no more. And if it’s impossible for GrayKey, which counts an ex-Apple security engineer among its founders, it’s a safe assumption few can break iPhone passcodes.

Police officer Captain John Sherwin of the Rochester Police Department in Minnesota said of the claim iOS 12 was preventing GrayKey from unlocking iPhones: “That’s a fairly accurate assessment as to what we have experienced.”