Department of Homeland Security says ‘no reason to doubt’ China spy chip refutals

The Department of Homeland Security has issued a statement in which it sides with Apple. The DHS says it has “no reason to doubt” statements by Apple, Amazon and Supermicro denying allegations made in a Bloomberg report published earlier this week.

In its statement, The Department of Homeland Security explains that it currently has no reason not to believe Apple’s denial of the story – as well as Amazon’s denial. The statement goes on to say that the DHS is committed to “information and communications technology supply chain security.”

Bloomberg has maintained that Chinese server firm Super Micro had installed surveillance chips on machines for nearly 30 companies, and that both Amazon and Apple reported the suspicious hardware to law enforcement as far back as 2015. Both companies have outright rejected the report, however, claiming that they found no such chips and never worked with the FBI on such a case. Apple went so far as to say it had “repeatedly and consistently” provided statements rejecting Bloomberg’s account before it published the story.