Consumer Reports: iPhone XS and XS Max last hours longer than iPhone X

Consumer Reports has published its full review and testing results from the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. The biggest news from  testing was apparent battery life improvements.

The new iPhone XS was able to go 24.5 hours, while the Max made it 26 hours in lab tests. That compares to the iPhone X, which was a half hour shy of hitting the 20 hour mark.

For the test, Consumer Reports used a robotic finger programmed to run through a series of tasks on each device, simulating an average user’s day. The robot “browses the internet, takes pictures, uses GPS navigation, and, of course, makes phone calls.” To keep things consistent, they put the display at 100-percent, which means that dropping the brightness could extend evaluation numbers further.

On the other hand, Consumer Reports found that the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max charges notably slower than competitors, which of course is due to the fact Apple continues to include a 5W USB-A adapter in the box. Testing found that the iPhone XS took 195 minutes to go from zero to 100 percent battery, while the Max took 210 minutes. For comparison, the Note 9 took 105 minutes.