Apple cuts BeatsX pricing and several color options

Apple on Wednesday lowered the price of its BeatsX headphones from $149.95 to $119.95, simultaneously sacrificing multiple color options.

Up until today, BeatsX were available in black, silver, space gray, gold, blue, white, and a ‘Defiant’ brand option in red and black. Now, however, BeatsX are sold in just two colors: silver and black.

In addition to cutting the color options of BeatsX, Apple has also lowered the price from $149.95 to $119.95.

The reason for the changes is uncertain. The product may have had trouble competing at its previous price point, which was only about $10 cheaper than AirPods. Both accessories use Apple’s W1 wireless chip, supporting easier pairing and steadier connections, but the AirPods are of course fully wireless, and offer additional perks like a charging case.