Australian teen gets Probation for Hacking into Apple Servers

An Australian teen who was sentenced to eight months probation for hacking into Apple’s servers, downloading what was initially believed to have been 90GB of data.

The Australian high school student was 16 when he began hacking into Apple’s servers. While he is now an adult, Australian law protects the identity of juvenile offenders and therefore he cannot be named.

During the proceedings, a magistrate told the Children’s Court that the offenses carried out by the defendant were “serious, sustained and sophisticated,” reports Bloomberg.

Through the investigation, roughly 1 terabyte of sensitive information from Apple’s systems were recovered. This is far higher than the 90GB that initial reports had suggested.

Apple in a statement said no customer information was compromised due to the attack.

In past reports, the teen was described as a fan of Apple who dreamed of one day working for the company.