VMware Fusion 11 Released With Support for macOS Mojave, 18-Core iMac Pro, MacBook Pro

VMware has released Fusion 11,  with full support for macOS Mojave and the latest Mac hardware, including the 18-core iMac Pro and the 2018 MacBook Pro with a six-core Intel Core i9.

Fusion 11’s new Application Menu makes it quicker to access the Virtual Machine Library, change view modes and settings, and launch Windows applications from a single click. The menu is able to run without Fusion, allowing users to launch relevant VM instances when required.

A new Finder integration is at the top of the VM Window, which can be used to navigate to anywhere in the running VM’s folder tree. Drag and drop file location printing is also supported, by dragging the VM name to Terminal or any text-input field to automatically type the VM file path.

For Touch Bar MacBook Pro users, VMWare Fusion 11 adds additional customization options. This means users can now pin options such as Print Screen, Snapshot, and more to their Touch Bar while in VMWare.

The update also brings a slew of performance improvements. Users can now use NVMe to improve SSD performance, while there are other security improvements and more.

Available now, Vmware Fusion 11 and Fusion 11 Pro cost $79.99 and $159.99 respectively. Owners of Fusion 8, 8.5, and 10 are eligible for upgrade pricing of $49.99 and $119.99, depending on version, while those who bought Fusion 10 since August 21st will automatically receive an upgrade to the newest version.