iPhone XS teardown shows single-cell L-shaped battery

Dutch repair site FixjeiPhone today shared a teardown of the iPhone XS, providing us with our first look inside the 5.8-inch model.

Putting the iPhone XS and iPhone X side by side, the general appearance of the internals are quite similar to one another, with components residing in the newer iPhone in the same place as they were in the year-old model.


The battery was also L-shaped in the iPhone X, but it was a two-cell configuration, instead of a single lithium-ion battery pack.

While the iPhone XS’s battery has around 2.2 percent less capacity than the 2,716 mAh battery in the iPhone X, Apple says the iPhone XS gets up to 30 minutes longer battery life than the iPhone X per charge cycle, presumably due to efficiency gains from the A12 Bionic chip and other components.

A less obvious change is the camera module in the top right corner of the device, with the top section of the component appearing to be bigger than in the iPhone X. The upper wide-angle camera has been updated to have a bigger pixel pitch in the sensor by 20 percent, to aid with light sensitivity, causing the change in module size.

The camera change does not only affect the internal space, as it has also increased the size of the camera hump by a few millimeters, potentially causing issues with customers wanting to reuse their iPhone X case with the iPhone XS.

Ultimately, the internal construction of the iPhone XS reuses the majority of the design of the iPhone X, which is unsurprising considering the similarity between the two devices.