Google Maps for CarPlay in iOS 12 is now available

Google Maps for CarPlay in iOS 12 is now available with version 5.0 out now on the App Store.

Since its introduction four years ago, Apple fans have been pleading for the ability to use third-party maps program with CarPlay. Apple’s phone-powered in-dash infotainment software has a lot going for it, but being stuck with Apple Maps was definitely not a feather in its cap.

Just a day after the iOS 12 release, Google is on point with a Google Maps update to support CarPlay.

Google Maps on CarPlay lacks voice control with Siri, but within the Google Maps app is Google-powered voice search. The navigation app also works with your Google account so you can have saved addresses like work and home.

For drivers, most importantly, Google Maps for CarPlay gives iPhone users the option to safely use Google’s navigation app in the car if Apple Maps doesn’t provide the best data for a given location. Customers now have choice with mapping data when using CarPlay which is great to see.

CarPlay users will need to run iOS 12 for iPhone and update to the latest version of Google Maps to use the new CarPlay app.