Apple may release ‘low-cost’ MacBook and ‘Pro-focused’ Mac mini this year

A new report from Bloomberg says that Apple is setting up to release a lower-cost MacBook and higher-performance Mac mini later this year.

The low-cost laptop will look somewhat like the current MacBook Air. While the display will remain around 13 inches, it will finally step up to “Retina” resolution.

It is said that the laptop is geared for those looking for a cheaper Apple laptop and for schools who buy in bulk, which means that it is likely to cost a lot less than the $1,299 starting price of the current MacBook, and might even come in under the $999 starting price of the MacBook Air.

The Mac mini hasn’t had an update in four years. The new version is geared toward professionals with new storage and processor options, though that will likely make it more expensive than previous versions. The new version will be aimed at the sort of “Pro” and enthusiast users who current use the Mac mini for software development, home media servers, and those running server farms.