Nike Training Club for Apple Watch helps you focus on your workout

Nike has released a version of its Nike Training Club app to the Apple Watch with the aim of keeping your focus on the workout without needing to stop mid-session to look at the app on their iPhone.

The Apple Watch edition of the app works alongside the existing Nike Training Club app for iOS, providing many of the benefits of the iPhone version. The one issue with the iPhone app is that users have to keep checking it to see if they have performed the required number of repetitions, effectively stopping their session to check each and every time.

Now, You have to start a workout on your iPhone, but after that you can concentrate on getting fit. The watch will display the remaining time or reps left, heart rate and calorie burn. In some cases, you won’t need to look at a screen in the first place — the watch will deliver haptic feedback cues when it’s time to move on to the next set or drill. While it’s not a completely unheard-of concept, it’s a big step up from Apple’s built-in Workout app, which leaves you counting reps and rest intervals yourself. You’ll have quick access to music controls if you need a soundtrack for your fitness sessions.