Upgrading To iOS 11.3 Via Jamf Pro Will Result In Failed Loops

Device management company Jamf has confirmed reports that using Jamf Pro to upgrade devices to iOS 11.3 results in them entering a failed loop, which then prevents them from receiving any further commands.

Jamf Pro is a way for organizations to update and control large batches of Apple devices. Originally designed for use at the University of Wisconsin, it is now a popular product with schools and colleges around the world.

Jamf says in its discussion forums that the problem is a bug in iOS 11.3 which results in devices returning the wrong response to the upgrade command.

Devices which were upgraded to iOS 11.3 manually continue to work properly with Jamf Pro.

The company says that it is working on a maintenance release which will accept the incorrect response and fix the problem pending an iOS bug fix by Apple. No firm date for this has yet been set, the company saying only that it will be rolling out to all on-premises and cloud customers ‘in the coming days.’

Jamf confirmed to us one piece of good news: the update will fix the issue remotely, so IT admins won’t need to downgrade or re-enroll iPads once it is available.

In the meantime, if you haven’t yet used Jamf to update to iOS 11.3, the company asks you to await the fix before doing so. For those who have already updated, the only known workaround right now is to wipe the iPad, re-enroll it and then set it up from scratch – not a particularly viable option just at the moment.