How to move your Mac’s iTunes Library to an external drive

If your Mac’s hard drive is getting full, you can move your entire iTunes library to an external hard drive to free up space. This guide explains how to shift where iTunes stores all of the content to an external drive.

Step 1: Consolidate your library

1. Launch iTunes.
2. Click File in the Menu Bar.
3. Hover your cursor over Library.
4. Select Organize Library.

5. Tick the box for Consolidate Files in the window that appears.
6. Click OK.


This process makes a copy of all files in the iTunes media folder, and leaves the original files in their current location.

Step 2: Move your iTunes Library to an external hard drive

1. Close iTunes.
2. Bring up a Finder window and navigate to the iTunes folder.
3. click and drag the iTunes folder from the Finder window directly onto the icon for the external drive.


This process could take a long time to complete, depending on how much data stored in your iTunes library.

Step 3: Redirect iTunes to the new location

Once the transfer has completed, iTunes needs to be told where to find the files.
1. Hold the Option key and open iTunes.
2. Select Choose Library on the far right.
3. navigate to the external drive and enter the iTunes folder.
4. Find and select the iTunes Library file, and click Open.


Step 4: Delete the old iTunes library

1. Open Finder.
2. Navigate to the original iTunes folder.
3.  Drag it to the Trash or right-click the folder and select Move to Trash.