Apple iBoot source code leak

Earlier this week, iOS source code showed up on GitHub, raising concerns that hackers could find a way to comb the material for vulnerabilities.

Apple has confirmed that the code appears to be real, but adds that it’s tied to old software. 

Motherboard reported the leak after what appeared to be source code for iBoot was posted publicly online. Apple issued a takedown notice on the posted code overnight which likely confirms the code was indeed leaked, although it was accessible for hours before being taken down.

The source code being years old from the iOS 9 era likely minimizes any risks associated with it becoming public, and Apple is saying that iBoot source code leaking would not necessarily compromise iPhone security anyway.

Apple recommends updating the latest version of iOS to ensure current security fixes are in place. Apple’s latest iOS adoption numbers show that fewer than 10% of active devices are running software older than iOS 10 with 65% on iOS 11.