The Apple Watch can detect diabetes with 85 percent accuracy

According to Cardiogram founder Brandon Ballinger’s latest clinical study, the Apple Watch can detect diabetes in those previously diagnosed with the disease with an 85 percent accuracy.

In 2015, the Framingham Heart Study showed that high resting heart rate and low heart rate variability predicts who will develop diabetes over a 12-year period. In 2005, the ARIC studyshowed that heart rate variability declines faster in diabetics than non-diabetics over a 9-year period.

The study – a collaboration between UC San Francisco and digital health startup Cardiogram. This particular study used data from 14,000 Apple Watch users and was able to detect that 462 of them had diabetes by using the Watch’s heart rate sensor, the same type of sensor other fitness bands using Android Wear also integrate into their systems.

The full paper for the diabetes study can be found here.

Fellow co-founder Brandon Ballinger said that the next step would be to incorporate DeepHeart directly within the Cardiogram app.