Intel requests partners to halt Meltdown patches due to high reboot issue

Intel is now requesting hardware and software partners to stop distributing updates related to the company’s “fix” for the recently discovered “Meltdown” security flaw.

Intel said on Wednesday, January 17, that the firmware update released in early December to device manufacturers causes a higher number of system reboots on all PCs based on second- to seventh-generation Intel processors, which covers mostly all Intel-based PCs released since 2011. 

Because of the high reboot rate, Intell suggests that PC manufacturers, cloud service providers, software vendors, and even users forget that the previous Meltdown fix even existed, and wait for Intel to produce another version. If you already made a change on a software level, revert back to a previous release, or in the case of Windows 10, rewind to a previous restore point. For motherboards updated with the current fix, hang tight and tolerate the reboots, or flash it with older, stable firmware.