Apple launches watchOS 4 for Apple Watch

Apple has also released watchOS 4, a major update to the Apple Watch that focuses on the health-conscious crowd.

It includes many more workout types, lets you switch activities in mid-workout and will even sync with gym machines to provide consistent data. Also, heart rate monitoring is taking giant strides forward — watchOS now provides a more detailed history of your heart rate, offers a view of your heart rate from your watch face and will warn you if there’s a spike in heart rate when you’re inactive.

Other new features include:

  • The new Siri watch face, which proactively displays information relevant to the user throughout their day, ranging from weather to calendar entries to breaking news items.
  • The new music app, focusing on tracks stored on the Apple Watch first and foremost — a precursor for streaming music support coming next month with the LTE-equipped Apple Watch Series 3.
  • Apple’s Activity app has also been enhanced with personalized progress updates, letting the wearer know when they are closing in on achievements and sending reminders in the evening to close out rings. The Activities feature also has personalized monthly challenges, and offers more dynamic celebration animations when more impressive achievements are reached.

It is now available to install via the Watch app on a paired iPhone. It requires an handset device running the newly released iOS 11.





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