How to remove Portrait Mode effect in iOS 11

Portrait Mode was one of the biggest features included in the iPhone 7 Plus. It gives images a DSLR-like background blur. However, some people didn’t enjoy the feature all the time.

The latest update on iOS 11 now allows users to disable the depth effect even after the photo has already been taken. Apple clearly recognized that iPhone 7 Plus users would benefit from being able to disable the portrait mode effect in iOS 11 without being inconvenienced to turn it back on. Everything is done quickly and easily.

To incorporate features such as Live Photo with HDR or Portrait Mode, Apple has had to adopt two new camera formats for their latest devices: HEIF and HEVC.  Not only will this change save roughly 50% on storage but has allowed Apple to include much more information in each photo or video.

The beneficial change is evident with Portrait Mode photos on iOS 11. No longer do photographers have to choose between keeping the normal photo and Portrait Mode, or just the Portrait Mode photo. On iOS 11, a photo taken in Portrait Mode can easily have its depth effect removed after the photo has been taken.

All you have to do is, when taking a picture on your iPhone 7 Plus, slide over to portrait mode and tap “depth effect” at the top of the screen in the camera app. This will remove the depth effect and allow you to take a normal photo.

From here, select the image’s thumbnail at the bottom left of the view or go to your Photos app to find it. Once the image has been selected, click Edit. iOS 11 will automatically detect if the image has depth effect and if so, will show a small yellow button at the top of the view. Tapping the yellow button will allow you to switch between depth effect and the original photo.




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