How to manage and free storage space in iOS11

iOS 11 has new recommendations for managing storage that are quick and easy to use. Here’s how to manage and free storage space in iOS 11.

Step 1: Navigate to Settings


Step 2: Tap on General, then iPhone Storage


Step 3: Take a look at the recommendations at the top, and enable some to save space


Step 4: Tap SHOW ALL to see more recommendations


You’ll still find your apps listed by most space used to least below the new recommendations. You can tap on individual apps to see more information, some will let you edit/delete data right there (like Safari) while some will just give you the option to either offload the app (and save the data) or delete the app (delete the data and the app).

If you choose to use the Offload Unused Apps feature or offload apps manually, you’ll free up storage as the app will be removed, but the data from the app will be saved. If you download the app in the future, the data will be there for you.


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