Mac malware FruitFly silently spies on hundreds of computers

A security firm called Malwarebytes discovered FruitFly earlier this year, but researchers have since found a new strand of it hiding under a slightly different code. The malware uses the Mac’s camera to spy on users and log what is happening on screen.

According to security firm Synack, there are around 400 computers known to be infected with FruitFly and likely to be many more.

Albeit security researchers aren’t certain about the malware’s first appearance, they discovered its activities on the operating system known as Mac Yosemite that got launched during October 2014. posted this online dated July 27, 2017.

FruitFly’s first detection was during January 2017 when Malwarebytes the anti-malware provider posted about its existence on its company blog.

FruitFly contaminates Mac PCs while controls webcams, captures screenshots as well as establishes connection with other computers of the network. It as well enables attackers to access the tainted PC’s files enabling them gain total hold on the systems.



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