A beautiful iPhone camera app with gesture-based pro controls

Halide is a new camera app for iOS from ex-Twitter for iOS tech lead Ben Sandofsky and ex-Apple designer Sebastiaan de With. It focuses on taking the best photos possible with your iPhone when you want to capture an important memory.


Halide offers quick access to camera controls with a swipe or tap from the viewfinder, and a gesture-based user interface makes it possible to manually adjust settings for each shot without going overboard with confusing controls and menus.

Halide includes all the usual pro camera features without the usual complexity that it requires.

Halide also focuses solely on shooting photography. No video modes or filters or square cameras, just front- and back-facing camera shooting.

Halide also features tasteful use of haptic feedback throughout the app plus a built-in vertical scrolling photo viewer with metadata and swipeable actions for favoriting and deleting shots.

For casual photographers, Halide can be a beautiful camera app with automatic shooting and easy access to more advanced controls as needed. More serious photographers will appreciate Halide’s focus on natural adjustments when shooting manually without dealing with overly complex menus or gimmicky shooting modes.


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