Delete songs from your iPhone

You may want to delete songs you don’t like as you’re listening to them or clear out some space and make room for new tunes. Follow this simple step-by-step guide on how to delete your music in iPhone.

1. Delete music through the music app

a. Deleting albums

  • Open the Music app.
  • Go to Albums, and then tap the album you want to delete to open it.
  • Tap the red circle icon.
  • Select Remove in the pop up menu.

b. Deleting individual songs 

  • Open the Music appand go to Songs.
  • Select the song that you want to remove. It will start playing.
  • Tap the song at the bottom, and a pop up menu will open.
  • Tap the icon that looks like three red dots.
  • In the pop up menu, select Delete from Library.

2. Deleting music through Settings

a. Deleting through Music Settings

  • Open Settings, and scroll down to Music.
  • Once you’re in the Music settings, tap Downloaded Music.
  • Tap Edit in the top right hand corner.
  • Now you see the red minus signs to delete. You can choose to delete All Songs, or you can choose individual songs.

b. Deleting through Storage & iCloud Usage Settings

  • Open Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage.
  • Under the Storage section, tap Manage Storage.
  • Scroll down to Music.
  • Tap Edit in the top right hand corner, and you can now choose to delete All Songs, or individual songs, by tapping the red minus sign.

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