Scan and Digitize Your Photos, Notes, Presentation


YouCam Snap brings something different to other photography apps. The app lets users capture  real-life photographs of displays, charts, presentations, and the like,  then automatically de-skews, straightens, and enhances the photos.

A student might snap a picture of notes on a whiteboard, for instance, and the app will adjust the angle of the picture and render the notes readable for future use.


– Automatically de-skew, straighten and enhance images
– Output to PDF for FREE!
– For Work – capture presentations, meeting notes on whiteboards
– For School – capture notes, whiteboards in your class
– For Family – digitize your old photos and albums
– For Travel – capture a metro map, hiking trail, train timetable on your trip
– For Fun – capture whatever fun posters and signs you see, share instantly
– Easily Organize – View and organize images in YouCam Snap albums
– Output multiple images as one PDF and share with your friends, family or colleagues





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