6 best third-party email apps for iOS

Email is an essential method of communication in our everyday lives, one we use for work and play.  There are many email apps that are designed to help you better manage your inbox. Below are some of our favorite email apps for iOS.


Spark  wants to take all your emails and organize them by categories within a unified inbox. Spark gives you a lot of freedom by allowing you to set swipe gestures. The app works with cloud services, too, allowing you to attach files from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive. It even works with apps such as Readability, Pocket, Evernote, and OneNote.



Newton is a subscription-based service that costs $50 a year. It works with several other email services, including Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, iCloud, Exchange, and all IMAP accounts. It also has many of the features we’ve come to expect in an email app, including Snooze, Read Receipts, Send Later, and Connected Apps.


VMware Boxer

Boxer’s main attraction is its ability to deal with emails in bulk using your own custom gestures. This app works with several cloud apps, too, including Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and others. Much like Dropbox and Outlook, the design of the app is modern and clean, and this makes it very intuitive to work with.



Inky offers end-to-end encryption for your emails. If you compose an email and the recipient doesn’t have Inky, then the person will receive a link where they can view the email only after they verify their identity. The idea is that only the intended recipient will be able to read the email, as the message will be decrypted on their device locally. Inky supports AES-256 encryption, and only you have access to your private keys.


Triage aims to tackle the complexity of email on your smartphone, helping you to clean up the clutter and quickly reply to messages. When you log into your inbox, your new messages appear as a stack of cards. You can deal with them with a few gestures — just swipe up to archive a message or down to keep it in your inbox. Triage supports Gmail, Yahoo, and iCloud Mail, and most email services that support IMAP.




Airmail is the most customizable email app on the iPhone and today they’re adding to those customization options with new Workflow integration, custom actions, and more. The custom actions are perhaps the most interesting part in this app. With a custom action, you can link together or customize a number of Airmail’s different features.



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