Gets you an iPhone 7 Plus screen protector that stops people from spying on you

If you’re going to protect your screen from scratches anyway, you might as well protect it from prying eyes while you’re at it.  Cambond iPhone 7 Plus Privacy Screen Protectors is what you want. It would keep your private information safe because screens may display private information virtually anywhere with the increase of mobile workers and open workspace.

  • Privacy protection for your private information: Screen is only visible to persons directly in front of screen to keep your personal information from the view of left and right side at a certain angle; Please imagine that you use our Cambond privacy screen protector on your device and when you are out on the metro or bus, sure you can protect your sensitive data on your phone from the prying eyes
  • Note: Turn your device display brightness up, this iPhone 7 Plus privacy cover will darken the image; It also does not cover the entire screen, leaving reasonable edge space for your protective cases
  • Maximum protection for your iPhone 7 Plus screen: Cambond privacy anti-spy screen protector would keep your screen from daily scratches, shocks, bumps and smudge and it is recommended using with a case
  • Bubble free installation: Updated installation step would let you quickly align the iPhone 7 Plus glass screen protector with your iPhone 7 Plus and bubble-free by one click and we have made a non-glue area on the TOP of the guide sticker and the dust-absorber so that you can hold it without sticking your hand
  • Lifetime warranty: we would offer a lifetime warranty for this iPhone 7 Plus Privacy glass screen protector with our friendly Cambond customer service team and please feel free to contact us if you have any query

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