The Best System Monitor for Mac OS X

Monity’s real appeal is the fact it manages to hit the Goldilocks zone of system monitors. It’s lightweight and cheap, offers a solid amount of monitoring data, and doesn’t overwhelm you with options. The fact it’s in your Notification Center (as opposed to the menubar, like many other options), means it’s out of your way unless you really need it. It also means you can easily pull it up with a keyboard shortcut. Really, Monity’s main appeal is the fact it packs a lot of information into a small space without being too intrusive. If you’re really just looking for a simple system monitor that stays out of the way, Monity works perfectly.


  • General system monitoring in the Notification Center
  • Monitors systems stats, memory, battery, and disk usage
  • Data is easily accessible from anywhere in OS X
  • Easy to rearrange panels and customize the appearance
  • Detailed space usage for each disk
  • Battery information for Bluetooth devices
  • Detailed breakdown of memory usage




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