Attach files to emails in iOS

The new feature in iOS 9, you could add an attachment to an email in the same way you could on a Mac.

Adding attachments in Mail on both the iPhone and iPad is done just as easily as creating, typing, and sending the message itself.

In mail, create a new message or reply to one. When you are ready to add an attachment, tap and briefly hold in the body of the email. In the menu, find Add Attachment and tap it.

Attach files to emails in iOS

You’re shown the contents of the top level of your iCloud Drive. If the item you want to send is in Drive, tap the relevant folder to open it, then tap the file. It will be attached to your message.

Add from iCloud

To add more than one attachment, just repeat steps. There’s no way to choose multiple files at once. Each file will be added to your email and its icon, or a preview.

If you want to delete the attachment, you can remove it by tapping the body of the email, just to the right of the attachment. Tap the Delete key to remove the attachment.


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