“Hot corners” make it easy to control your Mac

You sometimes want to sneak a peek at your Mac’s desktop. You could minimize all your open windows, or you could tap the F11 key to make your open windows temporarily scoot off the screen. There’s also an awkward four-finger pinch for Mac trackpad users.

All those options will certainly work, but here’s a better, easier one: just create a “hot corner” that’ll reveal your desktop with a flick of your mouse.

If you use a screen saver, it starts automatically after your Mac is inactive for a time. You can set a shortcut so your screen saver also starts when you move the pointer to a corner of the screen.

  •  Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Desktop & Screen Saver, then click Screen Saver.

hot corners

  • Click Hot Corners.
  • Select an option—any option—for each hot corner. Among your choices: Mission Control, Application Windows (which highlights all the open windows for the application you’re currently using), Desktop (which makes all open windows fly off your screen, revealing the desktop beneath), Dashboard (which turns on the Mac’s panel of “dashboard” widgets), Launchpad (the iPhone-like launcher for the apps installed on your Mac), Start (or Disable) Screen Saver, and Put Display to Sleep.
Mac’s desktop
  •  Click the OK button.

When you move the pointer to the corner of the screen you set, the screen saver starts. To stop the screen saver and return to the desktop, press any key, move the mouse, or touch the trackpad.


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